Returning Player - Some questions


Hey I haven’t played realm for nearly a year now, and I might return for a while.

Can someone update me on what has happened, since lets say, since, before 2018 MOTMG?

Flash projector doesn’t seem to be working, do i need to reinstall?

Thanks so much!

P.S. might update thread with more Qs as I play


re: flash projector question, what link are you using? (also uninstalling and reinstalling is always a good way to troubleshoot, if it isn’t too troublesome)

re: updates

Rundown on what’s been up with the game:

  • Deca has basically been running events every week. The effect on the game’s economy and on the playerbase has been… not great, so to speak.
  • A lot more things have HP scaling, but also required SB damage was revamped (aka lowered) to the point where hitting SB shouldn’t be difficult 95% of the time
  • New dungeons: Secluded Thicket, The Machine, Cursed Library, Fungal Cavern, Crystal Cavern. Thicket is a Court of Oryx dungeon, Machine is an April Fool’s dungeon that ended up staying permanently with a very low drop chance from Steel Constructs, Library is a new glands dungeon that drops from Beholders, and there’s an event piece with a Dwarf Miner that will drop the entrance to the Fungal Cavern when defeated (Crystal Cavern is accessed at the end of Fungal Cavern).
  • LoD got completely reworked. Shaits also got completely reworked but any good the rework did is hard to see because the loot is really not worth the effort and so people don’t run it…
  • As you can see from this weekend’s event, there’s a Heroic UDL and a Heroic Abyss. Heroic dungeons disable pets. Unfortunately, the dungeons went through some very frantic changes and are currently just entirely new boss fights.
  • Tablet is now no longer poop and is now pretty damn good (one of the Thicket whites took Tablet’s piercing ability instead).
  • Completely new Knight ST, new Ninja ST, new (overpowered) Archer ST, and the old tradable STs (all except the Mystic ST) now have a non-tradable equivalent with some buffs. Unfortunately this means that the tradable versions don’t give ST bonuses any more. Also partial ST bonuses are now a thing.
  • Deca now does “Bonus Campaigns” which are basically just extra stuff if you were spending gold. Not really eventful aside from the Unity Campaign, which gave people purple names and purple glows if they got to a certain tier in the campaign (you could grind the Unity Campaign technically, but it would have been a massive, massive grind).
  • Oh yeah and Unity seems pretty close to beta release but we don’t know an exact release date yet still. Some of the new soundtrack for Unity has been released as well.
  • MotMG 2019 was aliens. An “alien invasion” could happen in a Realm, killing enough aliens summons a UFO, killing that UFO causes portals to spawn. There are 4 different dungeons that can be accessed through the portals and they’re all basically a small arena where you kill things in waves against the clock. The alien invasion was left in-game after MotMG, as a very rare chance to happen in a Realm.
  • A lot of neat QoL, like being able to hotkey swap or kick players from your own dungeon that you open with a key, if you opened it in the bazaar.
  • Recently, they’ve been trying some events that aren’t just plain old chest events. This leads us to the Keyper and the Prismimic, which only appear during certain events. The Keyper can drop all event whites (at seemingly standard event white rates, still) plus a bunch of dungeon portals, and spawns in the Realm. The Prismimic shows up in dungeons and it drops some dungeon whites (not necessarily from the dungeon it spawns in!).
  • Also as an admin of the RotMG Discord I’m obligated to mention the Discord server. Deca hosts polls on it from time to time and players can submit feedback, with Deca replying to the posts that have received the highest upvotes from the community.
  • Also also Kiddforce and Toastrz are now Deca employees :crab:

#3 Check this out if you have the time


I also completely forgot to mention Rifts somehow, when it’s a pretty big change.

Basically, now there are two gamemodes: Original, and Rifts. Rifts is only available whenever a season is running. Right now, a season is not running.

Rifts is a temporary gamemode where nothing you obtain is kept between seasons or between gamemodes (other than you keep vault/char slots, and pet skins, in the Rifts gamemode), but the drop tables, drop rates, and Fame gain have been adjusted likewise. You don’t get to bring a pet over, but each season you start anew and can hatch and level a pet to maximum Uncommon or Common, depending on the length of the season (and perhaps depending on future seasons, who knows?)

Each season offers changes to the Realm. For the last 2 seasons, they’ve been going for a veteran/WS-style Realm. It’s not quite the same, but plays off of it. The next season will be a different idea entirely, apparently, and we don’t know what it will be yet.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally find it really fun, even if I’m nowhere near the top 50 on the leaderboards. I just enjoy playing the game and building up a character casually. Since drop tables and drop rates have been changed (in the last 2 seasons, dungeons dropped greater pots instead of regular pots, and UT drop rates, including those of event whites, were higher), I don’t really feel like I’m “wasting luck” or anything. Plus there’s something to be said about how the game plays when everyone has an uncommon pet at best :slight_smile:


rifts is basically an enforced npe but you can use the eggs you find also feeding pets doesn’t cost fame or coins but only pet food has fp and every season has a 3 rewards an ST chest, an exclusive skin/pet stone and a star background in chat


Looks interesting. Don’t know if I want to get addicted to this game again though.


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