Rheamazing Art Contest! (Community Prize Scaling!)


Sleep is for the weak!

I often think of dark possibilities when something like this shows up. This is no exception.

The Void Entity has found a new vessel! She’s been suited up to fit the Void Entity’s needs. Nil, Dire Instability, and Golem Remains are all here.

Dark Rhea


Can multiple (but different types) of entries be submitted?


Any medium of work can be used (so yes, digital counts.) Just so happened to be a lot of hand drawers in the first place.

Yes, but multiples will not go towards the prize pool, but does add another for a chance to be the top prize

As to everyone who has submitted so far, they look fantastic! Our goal will soon be in fruition!


this is what I was going for too, a lil crack but not enough to be nsfw




You can use your own original characters and monsters/headcannon if you’d like


Part 2 of our EPIC STAREDOWN:


maybe it’s just me, but Rhea doesn’t strike me as the sort of person to keep a straight face that long, I mean, it’s been 8 months!

Craftable's F-Art Thread

Here’s my entry

A rough outline drawing caused by printing

A greyish comic style
And the original uncolorized and made by pencil
It’s based on this pic

Note:somewhy, the links aren’t posting the pictures so you have to click on them.
P.S: I can’t make a reddit thread about this picture
Edit:The links aren’t working for some reason


Let me try the pictures that failed to render
The greyish comic book style

And the original pencil made one before colorization


Hi, this actually looks fun. Me and my guildies are going to try to chip in or something. They’re good artists* too so… yeah!

Anyways, was wondering if we could get a better view of the background characters.

Or at least get a description of this gear just like we got for Rhea the Hipster, since we tend to go detailed.



This is an older rendition, but you can see a lot of characters throughout my stories

Geronimo (Assassin): Agate, Nightwing, Griff, Expo
Gollo (Knight): Archon, Snakeskin, Veng, Sphinx
Craftable (Ninja): Masamune, Doom Circle, Hydra, Nile
Sensey (Father Time Priest): Geb, Prot, Frost, Geb Ring
Wenzel (White Priest): The Abe’s set from the Manor of Immortals
Harold (Slime Swoll Paladin): Swoll Paladin set
Mystic (currently unnamed): Only specific gear is the Crystal Serpent staff
Gwen (female rogue): No real solid set, probably will use Ragetalon dagger
Gwern (male rogue: No real set, does feature Spirit Dagger and Planewalker
Witch (Wizard, currently unnamed and not in picture): Noting specific but Sentient Staff

Most of the other characters aren’t defined by their whole gear set (atleast at this point), but usually by their weapon, ability, dyes and skins. You can get a bit creative with unspecified things, but I don’t imagine all of them running around with tops and newtops.


July is right around the corner, hopefully they hold off MOTMG until August like last year.

If not, we’ll see what events are there for chests. Most likely weekend things and end of the month dungeons are the most sought-after, so if this runs through the month, it might be more towards the good stuff.

EDIT: Looks like just more double Thessal, so we’ll keep going strong!


will improve over time because of stupid school :confused:

rhea recently killed a hermit god, and that thing dropped a white bag, unfortunately, she was very low on health and at the same time spawned the tentacles again, if you were Rhea, what would you do?


Take time to kill the tentacles. Since white bags last 2 minutes.


Drink hp pots


Dont the tentacles die when the hermit is killed.


she is alone, with some gods around

she doesnt have some.

de spot is near some gods, ill edit it later.


I’d probably upload the picture instead of a screenshot of the picture


Quite the situation, but Rhea would have about 2 minutes to retrieve the bag. A few things I could think:

  • She waits for natural health regen by dodging the gangland thugs with her hedron
  • Depending on the playercount, the tentacles should be easy enough to take down on their own
  • Doesn’t look like she is using guild chat, so Craftable must be in the realm (which could hold her spot, if only those two are in a realm)
  • As of The Prism Pirate, she has 50 gold, which she could buy potions if she ran out

But if I were in that position? Teleport over the bag, drop an item from my inventory, and Nexus (and pray it went through). If I had nothing in my inventory, would toss the worst piece of gear for it.


well everyone can do what they can to retrieve dat sweet jugg.

also im improving the hell out of it, the prize is te best.


I’ll keep your image in my c̶r̶i̶n̶g̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶p̶i̶l̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ - gallery so it contributes to the prize pool. I’ll update it when you’ve finished it entirely.