Rift as a way to get event whites


Just an idea…

What if 8/8ing a character in rift would allow you to send that character to the original server when the season is over? Or if you could send one item from rift into the original server if you pay, say 10,000 fame?

What do you guys think?


If this were possible then they would have to nerf the drop rate of whites in RIFT, to stop people playing it just for those. I know it sucks to get a white there you’ve been after for years on Legacy, but it happens because of the very short timescales of the seasons. With only 2 days, so in effect a few hours play for normal people, it makes sense to massively boost drop rates, so people do have a reasonable chance of getting them.




no, this would not make any sense to have, and would in turn make base realm more pointless to play than it already is.


The point of RIFTS, in my opinion, is that Deca can be a LOT more lenient with drop rates and similar, but only because it resets. It’s alright to make it extremely easy to obtain white bags since it is all eventually reset so you can do it again.

Making a way to transfer this to the base game, however, means people could simply play RIFTS just to grab some easy white bags for their other characters, which defeats the purpose.


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