Ring Comparison for Sorc


Just a simple question. I have three choices for rings: Expo, Geb’s Ring of Wisdom, and the Ring of Pagan Favor. Which ring should I use on my sorc?


Depends on the rest of your set. I’d say with a good pet, condu, parascepter, ritualrobe, geb ring is the best farming set(since it gives you 3 targets on your scepter). Without that exact set, geb ring falls pretty short of expo and pagan.

Expo is a great mid-game ring that you can just throw on anything.

Ring of pagan favor feels good on sorc too. Depends if your pet can cover the mp loss.


Looking at the stats for Pagan, it looks like it’s a kind of middle ground between Expo’s defensive stats and Geb’s wisdom. I would probably recommend Pagan (though I would recommend not equipping any white bag/ST items until the character is at least level 20; maxed def is preferable as well).


I would suggest Geb ring, as it provides an amount of wisdom tied for the most of any ring, plus some other stats. It will increase the scepters ability, and give other stats. Of course, this is also coming from the guy who ‘wanted to boost my archers attack’ so had had 93 att on an archer, but only 29 def.


Geb is nice for farming, but if your scepter doesnt increase by a target when you switch from it and Pagan, then I would go Pagan instead.