Ring Meta (bruh)


The tiered ring meta sucks. It has no flexibility. Consequently, there is no market bar the UBHP. I believe Realmo has a dedicated playerbase that is capable of different playstyle. Additionally, new players would be able to enter the market with a few minor adjustments to tiered rings.


Tiered resource rings
+Fuse Health and Mana
-25 resource per tier level
i.e. 25 Health and mana at tiered 1; 150 Health and mana at tiered 6

Tiered stat rings
+15 resource per tier level, with current stat bonuses
i.e. 15 health and mana at tiered 1; 90 health and mana at tiered 6


I don’t think tiered hp rings need any sort of boost :grin:. I could see an argument for buffing the stats of non-hp tiered rings a bit, but otherwise I think they are fine. The best (and most versatile) rings should be soulbound just like the best weapons, armors, and abilities. I used to always carry around a exahp/def and a exadex/att for a swap. I don’t think it’s so bad to swap rings for the extra stats.


That’s the exact opposite of what soulbound UT items are supposed to be though. The most versatile items are tiered, you can use them whenever, and the best situational items are UT and soulbound, you carry them as swapouts. For some reason though, the reverse logic is applied to rings, so a lot of UT rings just fully outclass tiered rings entirely. If you wanted to say that there should be T7/T8 rings that are soulbound and drop from Void/O3 that would be fine, but as it is tiered rings barring HP should not be as unusable as they are.



You are not the only one who is ranting about this RN because back then I used to rant quite hard about this topic.

Well I would buff the rainbow tierd ring by 10:1. Basically while UBHP gives +180 HP, UBDef/Dex would give +18 Def/Dex.


I want to make it clear that the rework is meant to encourage playstyle variability and stimulate a (stagnant) economy. As of now, health rings force players into a (very bland) playstyle which consists of securing a high hitpoint threshold, especially in endgame content. Experienced players can safely select from the 6 stat rings that will balance, or even bolster, their weaknesses and strengths. New players will find a friendlier skill progression as it will no longer be linear, (because of playstyle variability).

For example, I will use tier 6 rings on a Necromancer for its possible playstyles.
Att/Dex (75->85/60-70): Benefits overall aggressive playstyles
Def (25->35): Benefits close range playstyles. (Superior Staff)
Spd (50->60): Benefits dodging playstyles
Vit (40->50): Benefits pet users
Wis (75->85): Benefits ability usage playstyles


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