Rip 7/8 knight


A haiku to honor my knight who died in battle. it was my first ever 7/8 had dblade and old tops sheds tear :

rip my super great knight, it was almost fully maxed, but it oofed in shatts


@moderators Merge with death thread @nevov @shatter


sorry didnt know where to put :confused: @Cliches


It’s totally fine! We all make mistakes! But yeah, (mostly) anything Death related, put it in the Death Thread. :smile::+1:


why in player events?


Merge to death thread ?


Move to #whine-cellar first?


Already Stated to move to Death Thread.
Sarcasm or?


No like a literal question


Let’s all relax @Cliches all ready said merge with death thread the point was made and that’s where it belongs no where else


t r i g g e r e d


its sad how my attempt to make a funny joke about my knight and kind of remember it turns into you guys getting triggered over the section where this belongs, cliches was nice about it.


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