Rob Shillingsburg (One of the original game creators) has agreed to answer some questions!


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Rob worked on the game from its conception until ~June of 2012.

Some fun lore learned from Rob in the past: Septavius was named in 2010 as a play on Octavian, AKA Caesar Augustus.


u see? Now ask him if he hates the N, also I’m curious about Ninja class - is this Kabam’s part, or dev.


Don’t quite understand this question, wdym :sweat_smile:


Im curious as to what games he has worked on since?

  1. What’s Rob’s opinions on rotmg with pets (it did add a long - very much multi-char-grindable ‘skill’)
  2. would the rotmg without pets, albeit more difficult, be more desirable long term?
  3. do you play? How often/ how long do your rotmg game spurts last?
  4. if ammys of resurrection brought back even at 1.25m/250k fame cost, would they be so game-breaking that its not worth it?


June 2012 is just after I joined. I started playing on Kongregate, and at the time it had the Ninja as an exclusive on Kongregate and the Cave of a Thousand Treasures key as an exclusive drop for Kong players. Only one – I can’t remember the exact trigger, something like getting level 20 on Ninja, and it gave you a key. I kept my key for a while before using it, for years it was the only way to access the dungeon.

So, in question form: does he remember any of that and what the thinking behind it was?


What a profound opportunity. Here’s my top five off a sleep-deprived head.

  1. How have your endeavors since Realm been; are you well?
  2. What do you think of the game in its current state?
  3. Have you played the game as of the last few years, and if so, what dungeons/content were you able to experience?
  4. What would you personally like to see added to the game?
  5. Do you plan on making more games in the future?


What inspired you to create ROTMG? Was it a passion for roguelikes etc., and do you still play roguelikes? What types of games do you play now


Going to close submissions for this soon (10 PM EST), so get your questions in!


What are some flash games you liked? And what has changed for you in your profession and in your perspective of the video game industry since 2011?


Submissions have been closed. I’ll post the answers once he replies. Thank you all for the good questions.

Rob Shillinsburg's (One of the original creators of the game) AMA Responses

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