Robe of Angelic Past / Bloodied Robe (Robe UT's)


Robe of Angelic Past


A robe covered in gold plating shinning bright among the crowd the origins of the robe being unknown but giving the user unknown magical capabilities at the cost of their strength


  • Tier: UT
  • Stat Bonus: +25 MP +23 WIS +10 DEF -5 SPD -15 DEX
  • Fame Bonus: 5%
  • Feed Power: 850

Drops From:

  • N/A

Bloodied Robe


Said to be worn by a murderer, containing stains of the victims blood that is now embedded into the robe itself, Its possible that one can hear the murderers voice speak to the host once the robe is worn


  • Tier: UT
  • Effect: +3 ATT +3 DEX for every kill (Caps at +15 ATT +15 DEX)
  • Stat Bonus: +50 HP +10 DEF +10 VIT
  • Fame Bonus: 5%
  • Feed Power: 1000

Drops From:

  • N/A


  • Bloodied Robe stats: +6 ATT +6 DEX +6 DEF +10 VIT --> +50 HP +6 ATT +6 DEX +30 VIT --> +50 HP +10 DEF +10 VIT
  • Angelic mother Robe --> Robe of Angelic Past
  • Little revision in “Robe of Angelic Past”

More info

Have more sprites, Judge and critique as you please.


20 wis tf


indeed, let it be known it is 20 wis :thinking:


that 1st robe looks sick tbh


Also angelic mother robe is a bit close to an already existing item (Star mother robe)


I need a new name I know. ;0;


1st robe is really good stat wise
2nd robe is just putting more stats into what robe classes have enough of, while taking away from what they really need, I only see priests using that robe


For a second i thought you meant the first robe cause i was aiming it toward sorc/priest.
Tho what would you suggest for the 2nd robe, cause I wanted to go along for the “Murderer” theme high attack low def.


I mean, it’s fine as it is, it’s a lot of dps, just most robe classes have plenty dps and not enough survivability so this would be almost exclusively used on priests, which is fine some armor is like that.


i got it, maybe substituting the def for HP would be a better way since, HP could be seen as more “Useful” for survivability.


Mages Divinely Robes


i think an interesting effect u could do for the red robe is every time u kill a monster u get some sort of buff for a few seconds that stacks but caps at a certain point sort of like how the resu mystic gem works. so like each time u kill a monster u get like a small att/dex buff or something offensive like a spd buff or anything in some way to sortve add to the murderer thing lol


:o your so smart, Ima friggin add that when I’m at my pc, since doing it on a phone is too much of a hassle.

Thanks <3


If only :pensive:


wdym if only you can like right now


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