Robot's PPE but if I die Once I quit rotmg forever


gotta use the yoda skin cause i’m gonna need the force for this 1…darth yoda?


swagged out like a beast

almost forgot my pet

no pirate ring sad who needs corsair ring when u got the mini black rock ring
crip armor about to be tied with andreasn in runes after this… just give me 5 more years

gucci armor pog owned by a fake white…
minecraft diamond sword tomato helm mandatory lucky fire sword
another crip armor


Good lucks!


A wild enk appears


Good Luck


swain sword

grimace ring

why fire sword is mandatory


Setting the stakes rather high, are we? I hope you don’t play too recklessly, because this might otherwise be a short lived thread. :frowning:


*Shifts uncomfortably



I’m sorry sometimes am get toxic for no reasons i didn’t mean that


literally playing as grimace at this point, world record for grimace%


When you die, instead of quitting give your creds to me and i’ll give mine to you, and we’ll repeat. :cowboy_hat_face:


Usually i just kill all my chars and drop all my stuff but i’ll give all my decas/tradeable uts and stuff away after this time


Can you spare me a deca?


ya bro u can just have one honestly just lmk when ur online


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