RopeCope's Rogue PPE


I was banned from realm for 7 days yesterday, so see you in a bit. I am also experiencing issues with “Steam authorization error” that is not going away and I am starting to get worried.


Why were you banned? Toxicity?(if you’d prefer not to say then don’t, not trying to be nosy)


Toxicity, but im not sure what exactly. They have been cracking down on that more recently.


Finally unbanned, trying to finish 6/8 today.


1/8. Def is an odd first stat to max, but I’m not complaining.


2/8. This didnt take that long, wis will be next.


Got a white on the last snake I needed, missed the last wis ss so thats an oof. Ignore the glife in my inventory I was doing some vault reorganizing


(bump, the necro died with 5/5 dex, and atk, just dont have another char slot yet)


(Spell slot open, rogue ppe time.)


Level 20, the gear is really bad.