RopeCope's Summoner PPE


Welcome to Rope’s warrior PPE! Forge is allowed but only with items acquired by the PPE.
To start things off, I would like to list some goals for different stages of the PPE. For the first stage, 6/8 My goals are as follows, A cutlass with maybe an ASS swap out, Ghelm, an acrop or t12, and an exa hp. After that stage I will begin to farm lh to max life and get colo and lodestone. The next stage, post 8/8 is, Colo, Great general, domi and ubhp. For the final stage that will probably never happen is, Colo, Helm of the Tribune, Gladiators, and either Crown, lodestone, horn or ubhp.


Pretty nice armor upgrade and the life was a surprise considering I didnt expect to get Soul Bound.


Current gear at level 20! Yes, our hero does consume the many strange liquids he had acquired in his travels.


Kinda stealing from JimdaFish, but, our hero needs a name. Give suggestions.


Our hero slaughtered the strangely festive Mad God, and pried a Helm Made Of Gold From his corpse. (The wand was from a strange chest encased in ice.)


Hm… Typhoon?


Although Typhoon himself couldnt enjoy the Robe, he did know an old man who would gladly add it to his collection.


An admirer, hmm?


It’s easy to admire the best ppe thread on realmeye.


Although not the weapon Typhoon wanted, it would serve nicely as material for the Cutlass he was looking to forge.


Consider disabling ally shots, it helps quite a bit with lag and helps make the screenshots clearer


My lawyers will be in touch.

Good thread, we will watch your career with great interest!


Nothing like a decent gear upgrade to wake you up! I got the Archon and the Abyssal from the same Orxy and the sup defense was in my inventory.


Hey, do you think I should use campaign rewards in this PPE?


Sure, as long a you get the points on the character


Somehow, Typhoon knew that by combining this ring, the strange ring he had acquired from the mermaid, and the bow, that he would be able to craft the sword that he wanted. He had learned not to question this world.


((ooc)) In specifics, I need 5 more golds and 20 more silvers to craft cutlass.


Geb ring!


After a close battle with the dangerous Gods of the tomb, Typhoon managed to slay all 3 of them, and was rewarded with nothing.


What skin should I splurge on and get Typhoon?