RopeCope's Summoner PPE


What is a UPE if I may ask? I’ve done NPEs and PPEs before


Ut and st items only


Im currently going for the bramble bow and the quiver, will update in the morning.


Nice, A pretty good upgrade. Once I get level 20 im going to start farming snakes for snakeskin armor


Level 20


if you get any extra uts from snake and early dungeons, then you can forge 4 into expo


Pretty cool, might use if I get unlucky with armors.


Looked away for half a second,


Someone name a class I ppe that.


Source error


Ah yes, my favorite class.


In honor of my recent dnd campaign, I will be playing Necro


wat i thought you were going to be sorcerer


? Sorc is fun but I need stars from necro, and Afros “So you want to Exalt Necromancer” Just came out.


Oh I thought that

meant that you were doing sorcerer. I meant “Sorcerer” by saying Source error, because it sounds the same when saying it out loud
its fine if you want to do necro tho


Oh. Wow. Im small brain.


Im going to play necro, sorcs next in line though.


Okay cool! good luck!


Just realized I have an excuse to do cults, my favorite dungeon.


Level 20