RopeCope's Summoner PPE


First white of the ppe


This necro died, but I made a new one and got back a decent amount of the progress.


This was unexpected, and the first white of the new necro.


Bruh. I dropped my t3 skull picking up a t2 thinking it was higher, but was nearly shotgunned at the last second and had to nexus with the t2


First orange bag of the ppe


If you cant tell, im a little annoyed with all the rings I’ve been getting.


Decent ring that has its uses.


This is a really big survivability bump.


after 7 rings, I got soulless, and its on my ppe. But tbh I might sell it, I need the pots. Should I sell or no?


no. I got a soulless on my ppe and I died with it but I got to 3k bf first I think


Oh yah, didnt you also want to sell that one XD


Im going for full survivability with this ppe, as why play necro if you aren’t going to take advantage of the main thing it has going for it.


I died in the dumbest way possible. Getting tired of this cycle of pain ngl. I remember when I was good at this game.


I might quit the game honestly. This was just the nail in the coffin. I’ve just been playing terribly for the past couple months. Now im out of pots, out of fame, and out 8/8s.


I felt like I was at that point a few months ago, so i reset my account except for my pet. I fed all of my UTs and STs, suicided all of my characters, and emptied my vaults. I don’t know if that would work for you, but I tried it and I’m still playing over 3 months later

is that even a good thing tho?


Im going to have one last hurrah.


My final rotmg character. This will not be a ppe. It only has one condition. If it dies I permanently remove realm from my steam account using a parental controls software that would make it unable to be ran on my computer. If this character hits 8/8 then I will continue playing realm.


deca releases a free 8/8 pack the next day

also what class?


Im not sure yet. I might go with wizard or warrior as they are classic. And If I go out I want to go out doing something fun.


Solo o3 on a level 1 wizard time