RopeCope's Summoner PPE


I wish you good luck on your PPE journey.
Don’t go out without going hard : )


Man let me help you to build.


That’s really kind of you to offer. It feels a little dishonest to take you up on that though.


Let me think about it.


I have decided on warrior. Maybe not the best choice, but it is a very fun class.


Just to clarify, this is not a ppe.


Please don’t quit man…


… I hope I dont, but It’s for the best if I do.


Thanks to a generous donation from @PRCSakura I was able to max def.


Vitality will be the most difficult rainbow stat to max, as not only that Warrior requires 36 Vit but also Abby TRoom are quite rare unlike UDL TRooms.


Wlabs would be better for vit now that they are more common.


It’s a lot harder to solo though.


A lot of people go to wlab calls.


Goodbye realm. You were fun for 500 hours. Maybe I will come back.


Fuck this hurts.


I dont want to quit. But I dont want to keep hurting myself


I dont know what to do.


Maybe I just need a break.


Taking a break is never a bad thing to do. Don’t full on quit, just wait and see


I going to take a break, all this death and loss has kinda fucked my mental state and has kinda snowballed. I need a break or the cycle is never going to end