RopeCope's Summoner PPE


I’m glad that you’re taking a break not because I don’t want you here but because you want to take one. A lot of times I have needed a break but I didn’t have the mental strength to, and that affected me negatively. Goodbye and I’ll see you whenever you decide to return :heart:


I know, I know, I took a full THREE days off of realm, but that is the longest I ever have in a couple months. And it certainly helped. I am looking at realm with a new mindset and will hopefully make the game more fun for me and it will feel less like a chore. I am doing a necro ppe because that is what I got from the mystery skin.


Massive shoutout to Reachdude for giving me a free deca when I tped expecting a t4 hp.


@Reachdude This guy?




Level 20, man that dex roll is really good.


But the HP roll to me is trash…


How many life is that? Like 12?


wait no


Like 20


That is trash


No, more than 20 Lives, but 22 Lives to max.

My standard is 20 Lives to max or less. Anything more than 20, I suicide the character.


Eh, 2 more isnt that big of a deal, and I will probably get those two by accident doing ddocks or smth.


IDK, it’s just me.

But what’s your standard of maxing Life?


I only suicide a char if the roll is really bad on more then 1 stat, otherwise it doesnt matter that much to me.


Our hero entered the nest of deadly spiders, and pulled a blade from the body of a large, lopsided spider.


He pulled a rather flimsy looking bow from the cave a large butterfly, apparently it was powerful.


This pinkish ring was a powerful upgrade, and when he put it on he felt healthy, like he could be punched by the Mad God.


Looking fairly solid so far! That would be a half decent set way back in the day for the ring alone, if nothing else.


I have some upgrades, but steam is being weird rn and wont upload.