Rotmg account Name change


Hello, i changed my rotmg user name and the realmeye site has not updated to my new username, is there any way i can manually update it or have someone update it for me?


As with updating your star, I’d imagine that you’d have to sign out and back into the Realmeye forums specifically (not the general Realmeye site).

However, this might not even solve the problem at the moment, because Realmeye hasn’t been able to access any of Realm’s servers for a few days now. Nothing has been updating.


just something on this, if u manage to find the server mreyeball is in (euw2 as of past few days) ur realmeye will update. not sure if works for some other servers too


There was a time when all but one server was down, and I would use that to update my stats daily. But for the past few days, mreyeball has been nowhere to be found, and the site has expressly stated that nothing can be accessed. I admittedly haven’t checked in-game today, but it’s still giving me that message on the website.


yea, don’t always believe the alert on the website. he’s been chilling in euw2 the past few days despite the website saying no servers are accessible


Maybe the owner wanted to simplify the list to “nothing works,” rather than everything being down but one server that you had to pick out. It seems like it would be easy to say “this server works,” but perhaps mreyeball doesn’t want a ton of stalkers, or something?