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RotMG - Chief Beisa.
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Can I ask you how you learned to draw? Because I’ve been seeing your artworks and they are INSANELY GOOD


I love it so much. Beisa looks so badass


These are all based on experiences that I have worked on for 14 years. I can’t say where I learned from, because it is too much

And for this question I always answer: "If your heart loves art, so go ahead! believe for what you do! and don’t stop doing it!"


I approve of this message
-Chef Beisa


The Final one coming soon…
I admit that designing of these bosses are really challenging me.
Drawing and painting is not very difficult for me but the design of the costumes and the elements as a whole It was tough and took months.

Gemsbok is another character that I am somewhat worried about and it is difficult to design this character to be of the same quality as the three previous bosses.

I hope this project will be one of the most beautiful projects of this year for me and everyone.


Fantastic work as always!