[ROTMG Comic] Candied Realms




And we’re back in business, bois! (and gals)

Edit: Fixed the backround of the bottom two panels


I totally screwed up the backgrounds on the last two panels of the last page, so I went and fixed it.


Battle’s winding down bois


Turtle Power is the equivalent to permastun, just gotta use your shell


Cute emo boi enters the battle

(Also I fixed the last page, the trickster now has her party pants)


Also, sorry for not making any pages for a few days. As an apology, I made a sprite. This enemy is quite powerful around the Candied Realms… their strength is not to be underestimated… I present to you:


The Sugar Cube God.


big brain move to use plague on a single target, that or just for the thematics.
Also if you’re going to eventually make candied enemies for everyone, I’ve got ideas for Candied Dreadstump and Candied Bilgewater/Davy Jones.

Could make a pretty sweet Rifts event with the right people behind spritework

No pun intended


Ooh thank you, yes these will do nicely


So I finally got these two pages out. I should make a release schedule when the second episode comes around… (Also Assassin now has a bow on her pretty head on the last page)


Who will become the Oryx Slayer?? :thinking:


Obviously Assassins always steal the kill


how is the assassin going, being suspended on oryx for 14 days now


It’s tough work, hanging above the nearly dead Mad God for nearly two weeks. Hopefully I can get him down late tonight. (Also he’s a rogue)


+20 Fame



“They say the Oryx slayer will be an all-powerful and vicious beast, hailing from the nexus, with fabled weapons that could bring The Mad God to his knees.”

Close enough.



Professor Oak, that you?


Professor Oak more like Professor Xavier amirite?

You can’t ride your bike inside!