[ROTMG Comic] Candied Realms


Finally, some more Candied Realms, am I right? I’ve been busy doing a lot of 3D modeling for school. I hate how inconsistent I’ve been with posting, so when it comes to the next episode, I’m going to get a bunch of pages made beforehand and then post on a schedule.


[Insert obligatory comparison with The Realm]


Crashes a guild WC, steals the Oryx Kill from the leader, and gets invited anyway


EDIT: And @Campfires if I may make a suggestion about keeping on schedule (coming from me is a joke) but this part of this video is great advice on keeping steam on getting something longterm done, even if its a side project. Some strong language I warn you incase but its something to think about. Its for writing a book but it can be scaled in piece by piece bits

The General Chat Thread



thanks for referencing this. not because I have any intention on using it to write a story or a comic like you guys, but because I’m interested in what he has to say about game design from the rest of the series and not just that one clip. some of these things I had noticed on my own and already thought about, others not so much.

The General Chat Thread

And that is the end of Episode 1! Finally…
So I used this first episode as a test run, and I kind dove right into starting this really quick because I was less busy at the time. I didn’t anticipate getting more busy, like I was all of last month.
The next episode will start soon, but I want to be ahead first just in case I get busy again. Hope you all enjoyed this first Episode This is only the beginning. :candy::candy::candy:


:crystal_ball: no


Is that a challenge


How can I get through this social quarentine without this cool comic?
maybe by finishing mine but that’s just silly


And Candied Realms Episode 2: Cotton Candy Confinement has begun! (Is this soon enough for you, @Demonseye?)

Thank you, I really needed to hear this :heart:


Yay ! :bread:


Who would kill such cute animals and have the insanity to eat them?

Image result for polar bear cute

I will personally gouge the eyes of anyone who dares.


Don’t let those adorable fluffy faces fool you


Melody and Polar Bears have something in common
(There was a gif version of the last page, but it’s way too large for my feeble internet to handle, sad times :pensive:)


Do not forget her long, lost triplet, Harmony
and her small stalky brother, Stanza


And the parents, Clef and Tune.


And now here’s one of these Full Comic Layout bois.

(Also, I’ve edited one of the last few pages of the last episode for consistency)


with how big dinky’s pet is, i bet it’s at least a legendary Mounting/Heal/Magic Heal pet!

Or the mount ability could be third ability. might explain why he fell?

i adore the delightfully silly plot this is turning into, hope to see more!


Thank you so much for the kind words!

Frosty isn’t actually a pet, he’s the wolf the Frost Raider skin rides. At least I think that’s a wolf

(and for the reason why he fell, it’s because they are both clumsy bois)


Ohhhhh I thought frosty was another warrior with the bb wolf skin