[ROTMG Comic] Candied Realms


Koko makes a friend

Pages 32-35

Arthur’s Notes: Neigel doesn’t actually die in the end, trust me, my dad works at DECA.

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I’d post a gag on The Realm, but we all know the fool would be it actually coming out. April Fools my dude.


Dayum that’s a lot of fame.


Koko is now dead, so Candied Realms is now over. Thank you all for enjoying!



But Ocho died not Koko…


Oops, I spoiled the ending where Ocho and Koko are revealed to be the same person! Silly me


Rip theory about Ocho bring Koko’s evil twin


Meet Dinky W. Dangerfield and his pet best friend, Frosty!

Full Page Layout
So the website doesn’t display correctly on mobile, and I looked a little and I have no idea how to fix it right now sooo
I’m not too sure what the purpose of a Full Page Layout is really, maybe it’s just more comfortable for people who are behind to catch up on the comic or something. I only do it because Craftable does it and it seems helpful I guess


if you’ve ever read a webcomic other than the ones running here on this forum, they’ve all got an “archive” page of sorts that has links to all the comic pages in one place. it makes it easier to re-read the comic and to find your place in the middle of a re-read, but it also helps you find a specific older page. for a great big super long comic like the prism pirate where the story goes all over the place, reviewing old pages is helpful for understanding what the story’s currently doing and how the characters got there (doubly so if you take a year-long hiatus without warning and pick up where you left off like nothing happened).


Oh hec you’re right, never thought of that


also its great for other content if you wish to continue expanding on your universe (character bios and whatnot)



Still waiting for the Candied Realms. @Campfires, speak to us. :sob:


Still around, this time I don’t have a real excuse this time I just felt like taking it easy for awhile. That being said, it has been awhile, so I suppose I should start working on some more


Now I feel guilty for rushing you =/
You should chill some more if you want, since I noticed that work quality improves if the artist is happy with doing it. Your comfort is of upmost importance. Entertainment for us comes second. A very close second, but a second nonetheless :]


Don’t feel guilty! It makes me happy knowing that people are actually waiting to see more from me! :grin:


This meme is from the future, you don’t get it yet

(Candied Realms will resume soon :candy: )


Dunno why I got a reply notif, but I’m glad I did. And on the topic of that meme of yours, since I’m from the future, I already understand “cotton candy confinement” meme – I just don’t wanna spoil it :wink:

It doesn’t say that you replied to me…Why did I get a notif? I’m honestly confused.

EDIT: Oh, I’m on “Watching” for this thread. Silly me. :joy:


cant wait for the next part of the comics!! c:


I didn’t want to post only one panel, but I screwed up and also was sick a little bit and I wanted to put something here, so sorry there’s not much content!

Full Page Layout


I will savor every single letter.
I’m actually scrolled down right now so I can’t see the comic.
I will read one box every 3 days! I’ll lengthen it up to ten if it comes to it!
Thank you so much.

Oh, by the way, this thing has questioned me from the beginning…
What am I seeing here?