[ROTMG Comic] Candied Realms


Oryx’s face, black and white

Also, thank you so much for loving my little comic! Your positivity really make me happy!


I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be blood.



Stolen, I say, STOLEN!!11!




Slowly amassing pages currently, but I have priorities. Maybe I’ll get a few out by the end of the month, but that’s nothing certain


Dang, got me bad with the ‘fake update’ >w<


Remember how I said that there might be a few pages by the end of the month? Well I kinda lied

New Candied Realms Art in the Campfires Art Thread!

Full Page Layout


the prism pirate has tainted my view of these sorts of things more strongly than I thought, because I thought this was going to be a reference to that time waaaaaaay back when you couldn’t nexus if the nexus was full since craftable did a reference to that bug in his comic. whoops


Here’s some elevator music while we wait.


Here’s some elevator trap music while we wait.


I’m getting BTD vibes from that. Jeez, the memories :sob:


Thats reminding me of the music on clone drone in the danger zone when ur at upgrade bot


Sorry for the HUGE delay, everyone. Expect more pages later today, and some more very soon after! :candy:


Something strange is happening in the nexus…

Oh, also, I have already drawn the next set of pages. I was too into it and I couldn’t help myself lol, so expect those tomorrow
Full Page Layout


Unbind Nexus key gang where we at


Not here


smh no Eye demon


:candy: Full Page Layout :candy:

I think we all remember the Beach Zone