[ROTMG Comic] Candied Realms


Oh no, don’t expose Lucy she’ll get in legal trouble


Huh, this is a cutish thread! :3


Why thank you! I’m working on some more pages, will be done sometime this week!


Little late, was busy, yadda yadda… anyways, meet Rosey-Posey, a paladin! She is having a blast taunting our mousey friend! I made the railing a little transparent in the middle so you could see her full body.

Full Page Layout

The gap between pages keeps getting slightly wider and wider :c I need to pick up the slack a bit



It’s still alive! Encore!

[ROTMG Comic] The Realm

Yup! Sorry for the delay! Will try to get more pages worked on starting later this week! :candy:


Sweetens the Wagers!


The escape begins!

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The realm has become candy-coated!

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New RIFTS realm confirmed?
We already got a handul of “candied” sprites for the event bosses


haha I get it its candied realms like the title of the comic by campfires and its cool because they are now both candy


ehh… I don’t get it


Dinky the Juggernaut has quite the imagination

Full Page Layout