[ROTMG Comic] Harlequin Havoc



craftable comics are based where is my rhea34


got a gig down at /r/otmgonewild, but they shell out to the simps, so im on the dl for now



Won’t be the first time for Rhea…


Page 6 - Lazy Mornings

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Author’s Notes: Introducing the new character designs… perhaps in their comfortable clothes.

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:candy: !



ngl the combination of seeing those characters again along with having recently seen your own recent update to the candied realms made me temporarily forget whose comic I was reading and what the current plot was


perhaps they are not different comics, but the same viewed from different perspectives




Obligatory comment poking fun at The Realm


Harlequin Havoc is my favorite rotmg slice of life anime


I’d have a better anime plot if that were true


Page 7 - Rally the Troops

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Author’s Notes: Hopefully my meme is not too spicy for my Christian family comic

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But snake ring is amazing now. Also why is Rhea so smol. Or maybe it’s because Sau is big?



I don’t exactly have character sizes fleshed out completely; not even in the cover photo. But Rhea is a bit smaller than her friends, and Sau is a bit bigger aswell. They’ll get more aquainted further in.


I think a tip that’ll help is that everyone’s head is pretty much the same size irl, it’s the rest of their body that gets shorter/longer. Part of what makes sau look so giant is her enormous head, and same goes for rhea’s tiny head.


I will keep that in mind, though in this instance I know my real problem. Im not the greatest on “complex” poses (poses where theyre not sitting/standing/pointing), and tend to go with the first time of getting it right no matter the size brecause im lazy because I typically beef on the replication.

In this instance I just got lazy.


Poor dude… when your guild is burning out but you still wanna relive the good ol’ days.

Also, a scene where the previously prevailing hero is now bored outta their skull because the world is peaceful now. How many people will be part of the “main squad” for this arc, I wonder!


Page 8 - Calming Coffee

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Author’s Notes: Dialect ain’t my specialty but it ought to be right.

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lmao local pally chugs a pitcher of coffee. That slime has got to be mostly made of coffee


Page 9 - Assignments

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Author’s Notes: Sharing quests would be bomb…since I stink at Halls.

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Me realizing I haven’t updated Spot the Reference in 3 weeks