[ROTMG Comic] Harlequin Havoc


Mutterchen und Urheber

You sly mother trucker. I hate it. Take this like.


Mutterchen : Mother
Urheber : Author. You know; Craftable.

I wish I was this sly, but you sir, are quite the sleuth

I was just looking for a word that wasn’t Vather or something that could be easily translated. But hey, it works out just as good.

Also forgot to make in last post, but if you hate waiting for me to give you all a dopamine rush, you can now check out the Meet the Characters section on my site, to learn about your favorite characters.
or learn how bad of a writer I really am
Which it’ll eventually lead into character requests, but that’s for another thread.


I really like that you’re referring to discord runs as raid caravans

Also Gollo is decked out holy shit


That Resu on him looks great.


Page 10 - Stake-out

Page Panels

Author’s Notes: The “realistic” textured Archer is a Stone Archer I’ve seen once before. His importance comes about later.

Full Comic Layout


Wait, when did Mystique (very original name btw) join the guild? Did she just kinda show up and assert herself during the comic time skip?


Seems like Mystique’s been raiding raids. What are those lights? The 4 portals of nexus (vault, guild, pet yard, name{?})


The guild always had a mystic; problem was, she never had a personality. So, I gave her one.
also the translator I used for her old accent went down so her bad french is gone

The Horde
of people rushing on a Lost Halls discord raid


Those are the animated beams of light that show up when someone loads in on exalt.

Ohhh I remember her now, yeah she was unfortunately very forgettable. Was her name always Mystique?


Me being the original creative that I was, probably. Her filename is “Serenity”, which is what I was going to go with, but went a different way. Monique was also a name I gave out for a collaborative project @Wilhuff

The Witch has been around since Life Hax and she never had a name until now, and good chance its still missed.


No new pages, because I was working on this for the spooky-month.

Next set may be delayed, but hopefully this satiates.