[ROTMG Comic] Harlequin Havoc


if you’re referring to what gives puppets life force; he uses the fairies gathered from the Magic Woods to animate them.

Not so fast there, pardner. One can of worms at a time. But yes, you are on the right track.


Page 18 - The Puppet Master’s Secret

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Author’s Notes: NSFW (if you are a puppet)

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this turn of events is actually a lot less kinky than what I was thinking based on the previous page. “I wonder how it feels” hits very differently when you don’t know he’s literally built to have a master and is actually missing one.


I guess being tied up by strings can come to such a conclusion, but


invite him to dinner first V.E. jeez


Jesus that’s disturbing. Good work on the lighting and posing of everything.

On other news, I had dificulties reading the text lol


An extra cold week along with some holiday a-wassailing along with some extra workload before the big day put some restraint on progress, so the page will be delayed. Should be out before the holiday I will assure you that, just need to thaw out a bit is all.

But if you’re looking for that vintage Craftable experience while you wait, enjoy An Oryxmas Carol. Not sure how well it aged but might get you into the Oryxmas spirit.


Page 19 - Heart-Throb

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Author’s Notes: Not for the feint of heart.

A week late and hopefully at that. See you all in the new year!

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Guess this confirms the Puppet Master is Hugh Jackman.


I know this is something we’ve all just gotten used to and don’t mind so much anymore, but I’m wondering how big a compilation you could make if you put together every word mix-up and typo craftable has made across all of his comics


That depends if we’re just talking pages or all Author’s Notes. Would be an exquisite exhibition.
ofcourse I would forget which were on purpose or out of laziness


Ohh no. This wasn’t an offer to begin with wasn’t it. It’s a hostile takeover.


I mean, it’s the void entity. Probably just wanted to ask nicely before doing it regardless of the answer. How nice of it.


Page 20 - New Routines

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Author’s Notes: Who’s really pulling the strings?

With no more festivities to delay, let’s hope I stay more consistent, yes.

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“I’m surprised the voices in my head are actually helpful this time”



Alive once more > He was alive, then he has knowledge that he died. Dang, I wonder what part of him feels liberated. I think it’s cool that his color scheme hasn’t completely shifted to Black and Purple quite yet. I wonder how Oryx thinks about Void… or even Puppetmaster




New Years threw me for a loop, not going to get into detail, but new page coming in the next few days. Honestly wish it didn’t take this long because the page isn’t even that long. Oh well.


Huzzah an update! Good to see you back. Hope IRL is treating you well!


Page 21 - Gala Galleon

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Author’s Notes: Consider who would actually come to a party hosted by Oryx

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Also, is F.E.R.A.L. being considered as Oryx’s unstable pet, and thus not invited, or was this project in the works before that dungeon was released?