[ROTMG Comic] Keepers of the Nexus


Welcome to


The first pages of Chapter 1 will be released tomorrow.
Updates will appear every two weeks or so, consisting of around 10-15 new panels each.
Special thanks to @Campfires and @Wilhuff for helping me put this together!

All character appearances are based on character skins already present in Realm of the Mad God. Thus, these designs are not fully original. The same goes for many of the items and weapons present in the story.


mhm sure, haven’t heard that one before. next thing we know we’ll be halfway through september and still haven’t gotten to page 1 yet


Sounds neat! Is the one on the far left a ninja?


Looks like this boi (a rogue)


I see it now, 2nd to right is ninja?


The plague doctor? Assassin skin

None of them are ninjas


I cri. nInJaS nEeD mOrE cOmIc RePrEsEnTaTiOn uwu


They’re all ninja in disguise.




First few pages are finally out. Enjoy! :tada::tada::tada:

Sorry if the formats and stuff are weird – it’s my first time doing this sort of thing. Hopefully things straighten out as time passes.


your knight dude is fantastic. sure everything else is good too but I feel like the knight deserves special mention




Top 10 Posts That Didn’t Age Well

but you can thank @Wilhuff and @Craftable for the bad reputation
oh wait


Hmmmm that moment when you want to say TP in chat, but in that time everyone has already jumped onto you so you miss the early shots


As Xaklor said. Hooooooly shit is your art good. Please keep this going


this is awesome! looking forward to it becoming a saga like the prism pirate :wink:


Glad to see a new comic has awoken! Would love to see more soon, keep it up fam!


I know it’s been, like, 3 days since this I made this thread, but I’m already experiencing impossible difficulties with the GIMP. I must have made some silly mistake at some point because I’m not able to click anything related to the app (toolbox, layers, menu, workspace, everything). I’ve tried everything I could think, from reinstalling the app to restarting the computer.

So in less than week, I’m ditching GIMP. I’ve already installed a drawing app called Krita, and it works with MacOS, so that’s nice.

EDIT: Nope. Krita sucks.

I’m posting this now as a heads-up in case, although it’s unlikely, my drawing style changes due to the switch in platforms.
The last project that I’ve done on GIMP is a short comic story that I assembled for April Fool’s day, but the incident happened in the middle of it, so the artwork may differ from panel to panel.

If any of you have recommendations on graphic editing programs, please let me know! (But I’m using an iMac, so it has to be compatible.) I’m essentially getting these apps from random Google searches. :sweat_smile:


haha nice April Fool… right?

If not trying a clean install of GIMP, maybe some online sources for a drawing tool or pirating Photoshop


god I hated GIMP

I was too used to photoshop and having to adjust to a new program when I’d been using another for years just didn’t work out too well, I still don’t know how to use it properly