[ROTMG Comic] Keepers of the Nexus


I just found this and I love it already


This thread is absolute garbage :angry:

please dont shoot me its a joke aaaaaaaaaaaaaa



Good day.


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Chapter’s finally over.


Star Wars hologram time. Took me ages to get the Nexus right.

EDIT: On the long panel at the fourth line, the guy speaking is Delta (the plague doctor) in case you were confused. I accidentally placed the speech bubble tail (or whatever it’s called) too high.


You stole that concept from my stories :angry:


Looks great. :+1:


I’m aware that this thread still exists. I’ve been having technical difficulties I’M NOT MAKING UP EXCUSES! for the past few days. In summary, this is what happened – the application that connects to my drawing device (it basically keeps everything in check, including pen sensitivity, button shortcuts, etc.) suddenly refused to open while giving me a very convenient “Unexpected Error” message. Good news: There’s a new version of the application and it works. Bad news: The new version won’t connect to my stylus. Yeah, I did get a new one eventually.

So yeah.

EDIT: So the people behind the driver application finally replied to my support ticket. Their recommended solution didn’t work, but I’m sure the problem will clear up eventually. Rest assured, I will upload more panels within five years.


Still comes out before the Realm


Maybe. Enjoy this nice commercial before the action starts to build.

Proudly presented by a computer mouse. Due to copyright laws, no one is authorized for the digital reproduction of this artwork, as it will bring shame to my name and leave my self esteem in ruins. Fictional actions demonstrated or represented in these commercials may include references to Keepers of the Nexus, but remain non-canon. As officially confirmed by government-run hazardous response programs throughout the world, the overall cuteness and tenderness of these drawings may affect you in a variety of biologically harmful ways. Symptoms include but are not limited to rashes, itchiness, and the hopeless feeling of heartbreak. Please seek immediate medical attention if any of the preceding conditions are true.


Just out of curiosity, which style do you people prefer (and which would you like me to use for this comic)?


  • Top one. Keep it simple and cartoony.
  • Bottom one. Whatever you gotta do to make it real.

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Whatever you gotta do to make it real.

I’m of the opinion that the blind pursuit of “realism” in virtually every medium is both a very misguided and very foolish one. unlike with simplified stylistic depictions of things, realistic depictions of things is actually insanely easy to mess up resulting in something that doesn’t look good. because our eyes and our minds are so used to seeing real things in the real world, any flaws or deviations from something that tries to imitate it stand out like a coffee stain on a white bedsheet. embracing more stylistic depictions of things is much more likely to result in a more pleasing outcome because it gets away from our “realism detection mechanism” and can actually be judged by its own merits. I think that’s why your knight character looks best (imo anyway), he has a cube for a face which forces the mind to disengage from making unflattering comparisons to reality.

not that I’d call either of these images more “realistic” than the other, it’s just a difference in shading technique. I think the cell shading fits the overall aesthetic better than the blurriness.


it actually took me so long to notice any difference



comic pog


First came an actual problem. Then came procrastination.
You guys are still here, right?



wot be this


had to double check why Dr. Terrible is rockin the mustache. another item on the “can’t unsee” list


I actually didn’t notice as well until I searched him up on RealmEye to draw. Thought it was an open mouth =P

If you mean the sharp contrasts in shading, I think I forgot to blend the colors lol