[ROTMG Comic] The Adventures of Ghost God


Hi everyone I’m starting a brand new comic that will hopefully last for a while. I’m practicing my artistic skills and drawing abilities, so please be gentle with my work. :)

We will follow the life of a young sad ghost god who has been banned from the forums in Oryx’s realm and tries to find another meaning in her life. Over time she will encounter many troubles, but meet new friends along the way (and possibly a love interest!)

I will try to post daily or hourly, sometimes every 10 minutes or so. Now buckle up, it’s time to begin.


are you trying to say something with this? :thinking:




This is our ghost god. She wants to begin drawing as a hobby.

Her job doesn't pay well



This is her friend, Forsome. He tries hard to be a duck, and an artist.

He will be a recurring character.



This is her trapped in a book. (Non-canon)



She tries to play the piano but her arms are too short. She doesn’t know how to play anyway.


She tries to do a somersault but isn’t very flexible.

NSFW but everyone's been fired


hey this Forsome seems like a pretty cool guy


Look out it’s dark red Casper!


Pro tip: Don’t somersault. I ended up slamming my head on the ground at least ten times as a little child before giving up.


She wanted to try scaring people, so she put on an extra large ghost costume.



She found a dbow!


oH god oh fuck


She’s going to teach Forsome how to fly.