[ROTMG Comic] The Adventures of Ghost God




credit goes to ludfru


[Local knight forgets ghosts are incorporeal and thus cannot be stabbed, 2020, colourised]


UwU ghost-sama

And also I will probably be illustrating for this comic in the future. For better or worse.

Hopefully consistent speed compared to some other comics on this forum, but probably still shit quality.


I thought this thread was a joke, but I made me laugh more than I’d like to admit. 420/69 would visit again.

Fine comedic content bro.


What hapened to Heimoli? <~>



Forsome is very sad. He wonders who is doing this, and why.

Just a note @Twitchystr , book is fine, he’s still doing the story and all, but i’m just helping him with some of the arts.


Who’s this?



omg I just found this thread and I am so happy I did.




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i don’t know why you’re doing this but
unselfish chupacabra dezso and moospeakup are suspended,
first one for no reason the other two for ban evasion and the last one for multiboxing the whole forum.
also you can just use the invite featureScreenshot_28

i might delete this post later in the future.


yeah don’t know why he’s pinging all these people but if I were them I’d be pretty upset for getting random spam pings. good thing most of them banned lol they probably died or smth. :pensive:

@Twitchystr I have some major plans with this comic, like permanently moving it to Webtoon and charging coins. Been really busy ironing out all the details, but I assure you the wait will be worth it.


is the overall quality gonna be different?
have you considered moving this to comic shops?(well real life ones, once ya know the global situation ends)
and what’s the price gonna be?


ha… ha…


Uhh… thanks for the ping random stranger?