[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


What’s the third dagger in her mouth and where did it go in the next panel? I only remember her having three weapons: green knife, spirit dagger, and carved golem remains. The second and third are in her hands, and the mouth dagger isn’t green.


Davy still has all of Rhea’s old gear [1] , and hasn’t remembered to return it. In which Dreadstump gives Rhea a set of noob weapons, one being the Bluesteel Dagger [2] . As for the location of the dagger in the next frame [3] (but more or less wanted to express her inner rage with the cool stance of Zoro which I’m glad @BaraBlazer caught on to)



Pages 1131-1135

Author’s Notes: Believe it or not Rhea has a very refined vocabulary… she just never uses it.

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Go Rhea! Show the Golem what a Trickster can do
Also, triple wielding confirmed in universe. Let’s wait for a dual wielding warrior :smiley:




Happy Halloween from Rhea and Friends


Slimed away the facade

Pages 1136-1140

Author’s Notes: Does this prove Davy is etherial? Or just bad at calming someone down?

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Disbelieved Death

Pages 1141-1145

Author’s Notes: Not the sweetest victory for Davy, but one nonetheless.

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She sure left an explosive surprise. Davy in full frontal denial cuz the one dude who just wouldn’t die suddenly died in the same room you were in, yet you didn’t notice it… or is it foreshadowing that he’s still OK? :thinking:

Also, love that her rage doesn’t translate to competence. Keeping eyes peeled for this one.


Final Rest

Pages 1146-1150

Author’s Notes: All this drama, no wonder this will never get done. Let’s get the show on the road.

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F in chat for dreadstump pls :cry:




he might not be dead though… won’t be the same without him… he didn’t even get a mark first.

Not and F, but a Z


A rude awakening

Pages 1151-1155

Author’s Notes: Happy Halloween

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Is he Flash or wut ?


I imagine being hit with a blunt object by a hero can’t be any good for his health


LMAO if he didn’t die before, he definitely have now! Also, callback to how to wake up a Pirate King, nice. On the other hand, marble’s very generous, giving them the chance to do all this.


That’s the exact thing i hate in movies


i wish he dropped a pink bag containing like tier 2 items and armors so we know he is dead