[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Ooh the eyes shift colors depending on who’s talking. Neat! Is Davy just unable to walk up to the golem and do it himself that he needs Rhea’s body, because it seems she is lacking the firepower he wants. Regardless, I’m still looking forward to DavRhea’s power up.


he has an innate fear of being entrapped into a golem himself; and they’d have to figure a way to crack open the Colossus’s skull


Because DECA doesn’t use my ideas since they can’t be sold for 600 dollars and are actually good.


well shoot


Stronger weapons for stronger-

Pages 1251-1255

Author’s Notes: She needs to hit the gym.

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A Rheannouncement


I was about to ask how you were going to tackle why classes don’t just switch weapons around physically in this universe and right on cue Rhea bonks backwards


thighs heroes

[Forum Game] Paste whatever's on your clipboard!

Vibe Check

Pages 1246-1250

Author’s Notes: How does possession work? Don’t know, was never possessed by a ghost.

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Imagine, putting your glasses Velma style, to see a giant boot ready to punt you across the room. Nice.


oh so it is a gril


A Crash Diet

Pages 1261-1265

Author’s Notes: All that rum can give quite the beerbelly.

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boi she T H I C C

They should really stop leaving cannons around everywhere.


not fat, thicc


Are we forgeting the fact that she’s a trickster xD



Pages 1266-1270

Author’s Notes: I’ve only realized wearing a prism as an eyepatch is probably extremely painful

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Thoughts Alike

Pages 1271-1275

Author’s Notes: What else does he know with such power?

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