[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Dreadstump fed the helmet rune smh


Slurpmour is adorable!

I see that everyone ditches the hobo status with a guild home.

Ayy integration of the Unity Project. The name is very fitting too. Silex literally met a girl and put a ring on her.

On one hand Pirate Rums are key to clearing Marble Colossus, especially with Dreadstump and dodging. On the other, I thought he said that he didn’t need any. Ahh, once a pirate always a pirate.



Then again. Technically it wasn’t anyone’s property since the VE died, right? So he didn’t really steal :wink:


Dreadstump’s a professional pirate.

ALso, I hope you’re prepared for the Next and Final Adventure: The Prism Pirate II: Rhea’s Revenge.


An Eye For A Hook

Pages 1627-1636

Author’s Notes: And so, almost THREE years in suspence, the Prism Pirate draws to a close. Its not all I wanted it to be, but I’m still proud of everything that has happened along the way, and for all of those who have joined me on this journey, aswell as those who have kept this thread alive in my absence. Thank you all!

I’ll be lurking this thread for any other posts one might have. I’ll be glad to reply to them all.

Now let’s Boogie


Full Comic Layout



The end of an era. Thank you; this has been a masterpiece.


i am suddenly blind i can’t see


It’s kinda surreal that it has ended. Will Rhea’s adventures continue? Or will it be an untold legend. Either way, I hope you get to do what you enjoy and is fulfilling.

I can see that Stumpy is getting upgraded! Still might need a bit more base HP and scaling, though with that amount the lag might help him instead. It’s great to see him get is panache back instead of the wreck we saw him in the beginning.

I gotta say, the idea of pirates specifically interested my. I never bothered to think about it, but why the pirate theme?

…and thus, came to a close the adventure of 1636 panels. Be proud, and bold!


Do you have this as a PDF :3


Today, the Void… Tomorrow, the world Oryx 3!



Can we all just appreciate how much panels there are? I got into Prism Pirate kinda late but stuck around long enough to see the conclusion, thankfully. The pirate bosses working with the heroes is one of my favourite concepts to date, so I’ll be sad to see it go. :broken_heart:
Thanks for the ride Craftable.


the first comic was 228 panels, the second was 300, this one was 1636, so I’m expecting to hit 10,000 for rhea #4


the end of an era, and the beginning of… another era?

I hope so. I have plans for more arcs, but I’m going to do some overhauling before I go about going at it again. Weird part is there is so much realm lore now, it does add some more guidelines. But its more room for creativity.

Been a while but I think I remember

At the time, I played a lot of modded Minecraft, and most servers I ended up roleplaying as a pirate. Eventually when I went about looking to make the next Rhea story, I wanted it to be involving the lowly Dreadstump. So I figured, why not fight the strongest enemies in the Realms at the time?

too god damn many but fear not, the adventures have only begun, and there will probably be more hijinks in the future. And besides, being late just means you didn’t go through my hiatus on the comic.

makes perfect sense Realistically it was always destined to be long, with all the bases that was to be covered, but I guess I just never expected it to drag on really hard. A new format might streamline things a lot more to save on pagecount.

That’s the spirit!

I’ll look into it, but if this is another way of asking “is there a more readable-friendly format than the clusterfuck on the website?”

Currently no, as I’m not paying the webhost for advanced features, and even so, I think it would require to reupload everything. (I also didn’t expect it to be this long). Next comic will definetly have everything buffed out.


personally I feel that most, if not all rotmg lore that’s been added by the cursed library onwards feels a bit hamfisted since not one line of it is actually representative of anything out in the game itself. so if you feel compelled at some point to hand-wave a thing in favor of something more interesting and/or original, I wouldn’t mind :)



lol i crashed word attempting to highlight all the images and dropping them in…


No, you’re thinking of the sprite world/udl/cem/mw quest. Or was it the UDL quest? Now I don’t remember.



Looks familiar


Also new comic for anyone who hasn’t happen to see it yet


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