[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


We all know what kind of class it is. Sau, Sage, and the others know to.


Obviously its the sausage class




Realm, hoooo!

Pages 612-620

Author’s Notes: Who’s team would you join for a Lost Halls Run?

  • Dreadstump’s Crew
  • Bilgewater’s Crew
  • Davy Jones’ Crew

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Full Comic Layout


I’m expecting mobs of pirates to get flung about in the least dignified manner possible by a raging spooky boi just fyi


Huh. I thought they needed to locate one first. That map by bilge is pretty spot on! I’d either go with bilge’s army tor pure stats, or Davy’s for undeads, but stumpy’s got that Seadog Luck. Let’s see here!

Also, heyy LH’s entrance is already here!


Its actually Dreadstump’s map (him being native to the Sprite Realm at the time); Bilgwater has most other information. Though, all the books in the world can’t prepare them for what lies ahead.


I shall be on holiday with the missus for the next week, so pages updates might be a bit slower than usual until I return. I do have my business laptop to do some pages on downtime, if I get some.

In the meantime, enjoy this Knick-Knack from the Masked Party God himself.


Alright, have a good time! I won’t be going anywhere, so no need to worry.


Bilgewater minions literally can squish your 8/8 character, kinda like crusades…

:open_mouth: Bilgewater minions --> crusade minions CONFIRMED


interesting choice of words there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


this is proof that everyone is slowly degenerating into clones of gaod


what is that word? To oar?




That word holds immeasurable power.
To use it is the most daring move to make.
But when used correctly, it can cause unbelievable results.



The Lost Sentry stands tall

Pages 621-626

Author’s Notes: My business laptop has faded colors for the screen, so anything I color that I don’t use a palette sheet for might be odd. Should be fine.

Full Comic Layout


Just as a fun post, my work computer has a lot of my old ROTMG drawing from just about a half-decade ago. Still seems like a stone’s throw away of time from the old realmpocolypse… ah well. Enjoy some garbo art from then.

Drawing of John Bilgewater (compared)

Drawing of Davy Jones (compared) (some of the older Craftable Comic fans might remember this.

The original idea for RtRPH 2 (synopsis included)

After the terrors of the Nexus subside, a new merchant moves into the Nexus. Rhea, liking the idea, gives it a try, but doesn’t get what she wants, but wants more chances. She goes out in look of work for gold, but the work isn’t easy.

And uhhhhhhhhhh


If for some reason you’ve been here since about 2012 following along, I give you all my undying thanks. And for my new readers, I’m just as happy to have you along. When I do return from my trip, I’ll be hosting something a little special. I’ll try to line it up along with MOTMG too, depending if it comes along in July or August.


Ahh, the What could possibly go wrong dude. I can see how he lost that hand in the first place! On the other hand, that NSFW image at the end came out of nowhere! Though, I believe Rhea’s jugs to be comparable if you drew her in that style :smiley:


I like the old davy better :slight_smile: