[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate




Spooky boi logic, it doesn’t have to make sense
I’ve always seen cartoons/comics use a sharp light source to indicate when something is really sharp. Like a shwing sound going across.


If you want a more horrific effect, a cool thing to do is have a terrified expression reflected on the blade.


also why is the spooky gril raising their arms behind their torso like wth


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That was the original idea kinda, but Rhea is a bit busy hurking up grum to have a terrified expression. I’ve done similar to that concept in my first work.


Soul stealer

Pages 876-880


Author’s Notes: Perhaps they could try trapping spooky boi, but nvm he teleports now.

Full Comic Layout


Well now it’s a she. So…




Well, Davy’s an Amoeba now… If he lives, we get to see fanservice Davy too! Also, if the effects are active, we get to see the sensei pack’s reaction to r63 pirate bosses, and that’s always a treat


No new comic on Talk Like a Pirate Day? I’m incredibly disappointed.


Talk like a Pirate Day, its quite offensive to pirates everywhere. What if they went around, talking like normal people?

“Do you have non-dairy creamer?”
“I’ll use my credit card.”
“That looks good, I’ll have that!”

I hope you’ve looked deep inside yourself to realize what you people do when you mock Pirate Culture.

new pages soon though


The not-so sexy legend, Spooky Boi.

Pages 881-885

Author’s Notes: What if Spooky Boi could be Exposed, and turned damageable?

Full Comic Layout



pls dont ban me ob


Daww, shame we didn’t get to see their reaction, but hey, at least we’ve been shown that the pirates have grown a heart towards Rhea, so that’ sweet


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