[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


And well you should, young man!


I’m getting a sense of deja vu here…


Give em a hug next time you’re in a Lost Halls, he’ll forgive you


and dust is known to unsexy a person


Dust is pretty sexy, as I always say:

If its covered in dust, just blow on it.
but in my case its the other way around.


Fits the Description

Pages 901-905

Author’s Notes: Perhaps this is why the MD drops the Brain prism

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Well, I used my last like today on this. You’d better appreciate it Craftable.


Swoll Dreadstump is best Dreadstump.


Dammit, and things were patching up between those two factions. Wonder what Rhea feels, I know I wouldn’t be calm if some oryx crusaders come my way


I always do. Time to put it in the big room with the others.

He’s a strong dude, but has beer belly… all over

Probably thinks they’re still the pre-nerf crusaders, so they’ll tickle a bit more than explode instantly.



Pages 906-910

Author’s Notes: Guess we know where that baton goes when he’s not using it.

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??? what/


Take the hint




Ahh the power of shouting, intimidation and dominance. Sir stickuphisbum seems to prefer they stay there for all eternty than to actually have some progression! Doing a real good job on making us love to hate the character so far


Show Some Respect!

Pages 911-915

Author’s Note: Champion of bein an asshole.

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That colossus has awoken…

And having a fancy badge won’t save you from it.


190k health (with hp scaling), and a mook decides that it’s a good idea. Time to be torn a new one, nice and slow, dignity drained a quart at a time


if you consider that Jon’s attacks in-game are super infrequent and less dense compared to the oryx champion’s attacks while only dealing an extra 50 damage per shot, it would not be unreasonable to say that the oryx champion actually is more powerful than Jon Bilgewater. and that doesn’t include the champion’s ability to become invulnerable at a distance or the ability to spawn a gigantic army on the spot.

Jon Bilgewater’s got the HP, but not much else. he’s a pretty lame excuse for a boss tbh.


Who knows how combat between the two would work. Although Bilgewater’s shot is not very dense, neither is the champion of oryx. Second, bilge has 7 times the health of champion of oryx. Third, although Bilgewater’s own shots are relatively infrequent, he summons a lot more minions the champion of oryx. Fourth, bilgewater has like a million pirates while champion of oryx appears to have two warriors