[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate



Pages 916-920

Author’s Notes: And for the record, Bilgewater could of taken him, but he sucker clubbed him. If they both sit on each other, I think Billgewater has the upper hand.

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YAY ANOTHER CHAPTER. hail lord craftable!


yes I’m not normally off of work on a Tuesday but I took a paid one off, so I don’t have much to do today but make this stuff. See if I can get to MBC, since I’ve dragged out the MD arc longer than I expected.


@craftable can we get a Flex Seal appearance in the next chapter? PLEEEEEEEASE?


Chapter 8 is probably the last chapter, unless I feel like making the Void its own chapter.
(I’ll probably have to do a Chapter 9, this one took more pages than I expected holy crap)
But Flex Seal will make its appearance soon, but Phil Swift isn’t here, so they’ll have their own kind.


Very close to Marble, let’s see those 2 Oryx Army nincompoops’ faces. Will they join the crew, and have Jon deny them, or will we see them be redeemed? Or did they simply just dieded lol


Arrow Barrage!

Pages 921-925

Author’s Notes: The Champion is dead… but for how long?

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Wonder how the parrots will do?


Seconds later…



the black arrows pierce tho


then why don’t they pierce the shield huh?

Go ComMIt Logic’d


They won’t :joy:


Marble Defender isn’t really canon. It also doesn’t shoot out of its hands but that’s much cooler.


Poor parrots


Says the person constantly killing parrots to defeat Bilgewater ingame
you sicken me


I never attack bilgewater’s pirates… I leech


So you’re an accessory to parrot murder!


Implying anyone does ddocks anymore


I wonder how many cutlasses I hav-

Oh wait, I have none.
Why are some common whites so hard to get.
I only got my first leaf bow 2 months ago
No Dblade
No Ctrap
No Harlequin
No Nile
No Life at all because I play this game



Pages 926-930

Author’s Notes: Perhaps this will explain invulnerability in this version of lore.

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