[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


He’s trying to be a troll/shitposter (and not doing a very good job of it.) so just ignore him


I’m pretty sure that not knowing how to put quotes in your messages doesn’t count as being a shitposter. Like, he’s just making natural comments, I don’t see what’s wrong with that.




As in those kinds of comments are usually able to be contained in one post, and judging by his post history, most people would say that, yeah, he’s a troll/shitposter


Another keystone?

Pages 975-980

Author’s Notes: Delightfully devilish Dreadstump up to his plans again.

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Davy’s getting ghost-bustered! Props where it’s due, Davy’s still keeping track if “the list of boney-eared assfish tricks that wont kill Dreadstump”


The Marble Pirate

Pages 981-985

Author’s Notes: What a turn of events! (we’ll never finish this story at this rate #1.5k)

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Alright THAT I should’ve seen coming. Other prisms work to activate the golem, and Davy can possess by usage of his set. I’d say nice twist. On the other hand, Davy Guardian sounds pretty terrifying. Good thing he knows arrows don’t kill dreadstump!


Is that an egg in the waters?


I almost had no idea what you were talking about.
I could see how it could be mistaken as an egg


The orange thing

I'm assuming you're referring to the title card? Click here to see what that is.



Yep, it’s that


That’s the hermit god.


ikr this guy’s just supposed to be some flipping construct you push over on your way to the boss but he gets an entire segment’s worth of screwing around. they haven’t even hit it yet!




This was an idea I was kicking around, but never really wanted to get too deep into the Marble Defender (at the time, it didn’t even exist)

That does raise the questions why the MD wasn’t designed with legs. Ofcourse, perhaps its just one of the many prototypes of golem.


Rocking with rage

Pages 986-990

Author’s Notes: And it comes crumbling down… perhaps this was Dreadstumps plan all along?

Full Comic Layout


oof davy amirite


Lol that’s how they gonna take care of The marble defender? Fall damage is real folks. On the other hand, that remark by Bilgewater rings true!