[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Remember when I said this would be the last chapter? 200 pages later, and that was a lie!

End of Chapter 8

Pages 991-996

Author’s Notes: Finally at the Marble Colossus, as in the words of Peter Griffin: “This is gonna be epic.”

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Ha! This one is actually going to make you cry, Davy! Welcome to realm’s top 5 hardest bosses, right up there with killer bee queen and the void!


Uhhhh, oh no


Bye bye davy :frowning:




and after that, scorpion queen and your favorite ENRAGED BUNNY


Are you still planning on delivering on this?


Gwern’s dagger is quite familiar to the one our hero uses…


Chapter 9: Deep Into the Void

Pages 997-1000

Author’s Notes: Happy Page One Thousand! I never thought it would get this far (and it probably shouldn’t) I hope this story is wrapped up by New Years, so I’m not working over a year on this. Thanks to everyone who’s been here for this long.

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1000 pages worth of vertical comic. This is worthy of those webtoon format kinds of thing. Congrats,! :wine_glass::cake::confetti_ball:

Rhea can’t wait to rumble after 1k pages. Soon she’ll wish she didn’t have to rumble at all! How story relevant will marble colossus, an more importantly, the void are going to be? Will sensei pack catch up? We shall see!


1.5KKKKKKK HERE WE COME oh yeah!!!


Wonder how Team Sensey will react to the room closing?

That might be a problem

Though, all the rubble from the Defender might get in the way


Isn’t the room close literally just rubble?

That's what I've always assumed in game aswell

So it might just be a cleanup job for a side party


Every time you upload one of these I climax


No-Nut November is coming, better keep away


Rally the troops!

Pages 1001-1005

Author’s Notes: The fight we’ve all been waiting for… powering up!

Full Comic Layout


Nice gif of the MBC lighting up


Now it feels like a raid! Nice touch on Bilge’s hook perspective. Lost Trickster golem’s bigger than I remember…