[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


pespective isn’t my biggest strongsuit


Pillars of Parenthood

Pages 1006-1010

Author’s Notes: Its been a while since Dreadstump has read a real book

Full Comic Layout


“look upon my might bulwark”

Text is right on Marble’s crotch. Noice. This opening is a pretty good build up to the fight! I’ll be looking towards this entire fight


image some things are better left unsaid cough cough @barablazer


Do you want his BIG GOLEM PILLAR?


Please no.


I can try photoshopping it


That’s true, you can. But don’t.

EDIT: @NubieDubie it’s a joke


Dont worry, I wont

I gotchu fam


Oh no, it can spring from anywhere on the ground.

The floor is lava now



Pages 1011-1015

Author’s Notes: Due to my new work situation irl, might have the next few updates be a little late. Might be a wrench in the plans for finishing by 2019 but after a week or so it should be back on schedule. (not that there ever was one)

Full Comic Layout


Damn, those smears makes things intense. Not disappointed with the action!


Oh, wow it’s been a week already! Must’ve been some really intensive work. No matter, I’ll be a good boi and wait :3


wow I had completely forgotten this thread existed already. serves me and my attention span right.


Man, only eight days and it feels like forever! But those next pages will be worth all that wait!


Is this a
Ends up creating 7 minute prism pirate flash


K… @craftable?


AGREE @craftable come on. Go and make a million documents :stuck_out_tongue:


He’ll be back. He’s making money, and with enough he can retire and spend the rest of his days lavishing our unending thirst for content.

Or, you know, when he’s ready he’ll share his comics!