[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Like i said, 7minute flash animation


Like Homestuck :thinking:


Yeah, thats the reference





He’ll be back. I still check the forums everyday for this.


I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! Good to know.


Going on more than a month now. Keep it up, @Craftable!

Also, whenever I see this:

All I can think of is this:


It would be the other way around if I read Life Hax first, of course.


I waited for Jontron, I can wait for Craftable


So can I, and although I ghost the forums and speak very rarely, I’ma just bump this real quick.


2 weeks later, darn. Time flies too fast


almost 2 months since the last comic update, and almost 2 weeks since the last reply here. should i be scared?
i kno crafty is busy but :cactus: boom shaka laka :cactus:


Well, on the brightside as long as we are here we can keep this from closing. Hopefully he comes back, I miss the series.


omg it’s squeakwee

maybe it’s a sign


Necromancy powers, activate!


wait yo i actually didnt notice he hadn’t been on realmeye forums IN GENERAL. is he ok? :C


Hopefully they’re just busy with irl stuff or something…


Last posted: November. Last seen: December… Yeah, I hope he still remembers his amazingly popular webcomic


His ingame acc apparantly wasnt on since october either.


Since I’ve been drawing again…

“What happened to your friend?”

“I don’t know, she just sort of… vanished.”


I dont want to go Mr. Craftable