[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


I don’t feel so good, Mr. @Craftable


“after a week or so”


i miss you come back


Here lies @craftable, respectable member of the forums, regular, author and illustrator of the four comics posted on his profile.


Hey, he’s not dead. Cmoon


He died.


rest in pieces


but the thread will still never die


Onwards, comrades, we shall live a glorious, eternal, life!


Damn we’ll never know how it ends :confused: how unsatisfying


Start making headcannons :eyes:


Prism Pirate fanfics anyone?


who isn’t?


Just found this thread and skimmed through the page full of comic panels. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m glad I have something to read during my office free times. Pretty excited to see how this story pans out, you’ve dedicated a lot of time into this project, and that in itself is outstanding~


be ye warned: the last update was in November and it was right before a big boss fight. Craftable has not been seen anywhere since.


Ah, that’s an oof and a worry. Y’see, the truth is I have also been working on a fully-fleshed out RotMG comic myself to help pass the time when I get back from my internship work. I’ve got the story pretty much secured, and worked out different character personalities, twists from the game and humor aspects.

It’s all nice, fine and dandy, until I fear that I simply lose interest or determination halfway through and just dump it. I don’t want to upload a progressing comic, and then leave people hanging halfway. I’ve done that once with a small fanmade comic I made, about 20 pages in and I just kind of drew other things and forgot about it, but it still leaves me guilty knowing a few people were looking forward to it and I just vanish.

And so I’ve chosen not to upload the comic, or at least, make a heck ton of pages until Chapter 5 before uploading each chapter, and space out the uploads so that I have some leeway if I fail to update the next pages in time.

Aye, Craftable has still made a valiant effort in producing a lot of comic story before a hiatus/unexpected end. Definitely applaudible for staying with the story for that long, thanks for the heads up!


Huh, interesting notify me when you post it please?


If I do decide to post it early, it’ll be in the fan art section~

Right now I cannot post it even if I want to because, quite frankly, I have no title for the comic yet, and many of the characters I’ve thought of have placeholder names because I suck at naming. I also want to sketch out some drafts to see if they could fit in with the story, like the Sprite City, Interdimensional Realm and Eye of the Cannon, so that I have a clear path to follow when I do progress the story c:

I’m actually a sucker for secrets and too excited for my own good, there’s so many things I want to show and tell. But I’ve got to withhold myself for exposing too much haha~


There’s all the default names out there. If you’re trying to name heroes, that could work.


I will not let this thread die. NEVER. I will wait till the end of time for our beloved craftable to hopefully return.