[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


I wonder how he’s doing right now… It’s been a while


Ugh, jeebus, craftable, where art thou


Craft hasn’t posted for 6 months? geeze




Necro Decro Bumpro! Is it almost a year now?


At this point, Craft probably died irl.


bad things will only happen if you believe they will




Guys, maybe we should leave this thread in peace and let it die


Maybe so. Last time Craft said anything was Nov. 2018, and he stated in the desc. that he may not even have the story finished as of 2019, so I guess we just have to come to the conclusion this his work is that busy, thankfully I doubt anything bad happened. Or at least I hope so.

As to whether or not to let this thread die, I don’t know. Personally I’ll keep finding time to occasionally necrobump this thread if no one else will. But I think majority of people here love this comic thread too much to let it go. That and if Craft does in fact return, that would just mean either a new thread or merging back into this one. Obviously I don’t speak for everyone on this, especially me being a person who has barely even spoken on the forums. But this is what my verdict is, anyways.


Necrobump. Because I am too stubborn. :smirk:


Mods can re-open the thread when he comes back.


This thread shall live reee




if i know craft correctly enough, he can’t pass on an opportunity for fan art. let’s make a bunch to summon him!


smol bump


I just realized how much story continuity Craftable could make with all the Cursed Library lore, can’t let this die now!


i think we all know craft himself died at this point


So why aren’t we more somber about it? Even if the dude isn’t dead I’m sure it’d be nice for people to host a forum funeral for him, as he’d know how much people liked him if he ever comes back.


Cause thats kinda weird
And it would probably look kind of like a joke