[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


that would be pretty cool, and id say its safe to assume hes forum daed


Would anyone like to say a few words? I will

I only knew Craftable by The Prism Pirate. Although I was never on the forums while he still was with us, I feel very close to him from his comics. He has never really left, his comics are still with us. I hope he will come back soon and make more comics (It’s probably college tbh)


Itsa me, back again. Honestly I still hold the belief that Craft isn’t forum-dead. On the last post he made, he mentioned that he didn’t even know if he’d have the story finished by the end of 2019, as his work situation is very busy. I’ll quote it directly:
" Author’s Notes: Due to my new work situation irl, might have the next few updates be a little late. Might be a wrench in the plans for finishing by 2019 but after a week or so it should be back on schedule. (not that there ever was one) "

I just figure it’s his work that is busy. I won’t declare it safe-to-say that he is forum-dead until we get into 2020, and if he still doesn’t show then, well that might be the unfortunate case. : c


I’m pretty sure “finishing by 2019” means finishing by the end of 2018 / the start of 2019. As much as I would like for Craftable to come back, I’m not gonna get my hopes up, seeing as they haven’t posted in ~10 months.


Let’s make a fanart fest for the 1st anniversary of his hiatus :smiley:

edit: nov 11, mark that. So I’m gonna go collect funds for that event. What goes for a prize nowadays?


craft’s entrails


I can give an Amazon gift card.


Fair. I still have my hopes, though. And as for a fanart fest, I might make fanart sometime just for the hell of it, no prizes attached. I don’t actually really play RotMG much anymore, I just kind of still come back to the forums now and then since I like the art n’ stuff.


lets do this m9

Our prayers got answered.

Welcome back @Craftable :3


new pages upcoming, if stale memes please don’t bully


Oh my god you’re back! :smile:


holy fuck its the second coming of jesus


I expect at least one meme about toast being dev a and one meme about you being ded for a year.

jk <3 just don’t leave us again pls


Glad I haven’t been forgotten, guess falling off the face of the earth was a bad idea. Anyway, I’ll continue upon Prism Pirate in the next coming days. For now, enjoy my hobbled entry into the comic contest.

Maybe I should run my own "return" contest alongside DECA...

not being locked after almost a year, you guys rock



I didn’t know this game was still alive.
someone fill me in its been too long
oh and sorry for dying, I’ve run out of game to play




omfg craftable is back yess!



Anyways, welcome back man :smiley:


Also uhh, because of that earlier post I felt inspired to make this.

Fuuuuture, fuuuuuuture…

(I spent like 20 minutes making this but I think it was worth it)