[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Crushed Hopes

Pages 1061-1065

Author’s Notes: Rest of the MBC fight should be quicker, rest of the phases are just more tentacles and chasing.

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So the clay prism got smashed? MBC should be taking some lego step damage




top 10 anime crossovers


The Chase Begins

Pages 1066-1070

Author’s Notes: “I can’t rend your soul without getting close to you”

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Meanwhile the MBC is spitting bullets and sparks like it’s nobody’s business. Haven’t played the game for a while, and I’m not too hung over not clearing the Lost Halls.


Dreadstump’s Bazaar Adventure

As much fun it would be to sketch bulletspam, this is best I’m getting until ending phases


Another shot in the dark

Pages 1071-1075

Author’s Notes: Could it be a Jojo’s Reference? I wouldn’t know.

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Cannon Fodder

Pages 1076-1080

Author’s Notes: Would it be a Thunk or a Fwip to sound falling into a cannon? Who knows.

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PESTIS! The darkness consumes! Davy’s got ethereal balls, rushing at MBC’s tornado phase. His lamps must be all turned off.

Love that looney tunes spin spin effect. Illustration might be MS Paint level, but your editing is :ok_hand:level.

Here comes Davy X MBC. That stuff is gonna give freaking void nightmares.


Pillar’s Purpose

Pages 1081-1085

Author’s Notes: Now with 25% more giffy goodness (maybe it’ll hide I’m rushing this fight)

Full Comic Layout

That’s the Spirit!


Theeeere it is. The hell that is pillar dance. If this keeps escalating, you’re gonna be making Prism Pirate the animatics. Suddenly you’d be animating a cartoon lol


Totally not a shameless self promotion, but if you enjoy the Prism Pirate, check out my new rotmg comic, “The Realm”.

We got a crossover with Rhea the Red Prismed Hipster scheduled btw!


A great read an experience back to front, and always in high anticipation of a new comic series coming along to the forums (and one of such caliber). Do give it a read/follow, the writing is intense and will throw you for a loop of adventure.

His Full Comic Layout

And yes, there will be an epic crossover comic soon enough, sparking another comic in the Rhea series as a double feature. Still might be some time to get there but it will be a crossover of the ages.


Cannon Strike

Pages 1086-1090

Author’s Notes: May or may not reveal my music tastes.

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what in hell’s name are you aiming at lmao. If it wasn’t Rhea in there you’d be pelt with a cannon ball!


It’s possible that the air resistance acting on Rhea as oppposed to a cannonball threw off their aim.


Tentacles Of Wrath v2

Pages 1091-1095

Author’s Notes: Hard not to make Rhea look chubby running in the Golem armor, but maybe all the pirate rum is catching up.

Full Comic Layout

most likely this

but probably because - ̶I̶ ̶n̶e̶e̶d̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶p̶l̶o̶t̶ ̶p̶o̶i̶n̶t̶s̶- she would be a tad heavier than a cannonball, throwing off the handling of the blast. Also maybe the pirate manning the cannon…


God bless Rhea, may you find a suitable prism. Maybe a t0, not even stumpy can help you with that lol