[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Not funny didn’t laugh


I fell for it, but i didn’t understand why xD


imagine not loughing at that funiey joke


lmao I was confused for a good sec. Also got me to visit your site. Dang, that’s a lotta panels



Dreadstump’s Revelation

Pages 1161-1165

Author’s Notes: Kudos to @Demonseye for Jojoing me.

Full Comic Layout


lol stumpy is a true daredevil with an unhealthy obsession of firing living things out of a cannon. Bilge definitely doesn’t deserve that pirate king title if he doesn’t know that you’re not supposed to bash stones with swords, you’ll hear your cutlass crying!


Laying Down on the Job

Pages 1166-1170

Author’s Notes: Will they ever learn not to fight?

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Is he about to 1 shot the mbc cores?



Despite Bilgewater’s immense strength, that won’t be the case. Plus there’s only 2 cores remaining.


so what I’m hearing is, he’s going to 1 shot two cores and then headshot MBC for the kill


Pls nerf bilge




A bit slippery

Pages II71-II75


Author’s Notes: I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

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just a mere shitpost for @Mizumi 's devilish idea for ingame Rhea’s unfortunate death. Here’s the actual stuff.

Its in the Pocket

Pages 1171-1175

Author’s Notes: Doubloons! Don’t drop 'em!

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On more relevant news, Bilge is a sharpshooter with a revolver! Let’s see his skills in action…


I found out about the normal one actually before i opened the fake thingy


Expensive Shots.

Pages 1176-1180

Author’s Notes: Glad to join the ranks of Admired on the forums, all thanks to you all.

Full Comic Layout


Bilge: I need 3 shots. All 3 will be used to render realm gold useless. 2 will be used to flex on you.

I do love how expressive you’ve made the helmeted Commander look!


The Last Light in the Darkness

Pages 9999-????

Credits: @Gronacolt

Author’s Notes: Will Rhea be the first to solo a void?

Full Comic Layout