[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


shoutouts to @Gronacolt for this never ending comic conclusion


did we go back in time and revert to the old void with the brown platform?


The Shattering Shot

Pages 1181-1185

Author’s Notes: Surely I won’t end the fight without an actual fight…would I?

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lol the MBC needs better protection for the freakin power sources of it. Makes you wonder why Bilge didn’t shoot all 4 in the 1st place


don’t question the Almighty Lord you infidel


gotta get that flex, and he’s a pirate not a cowboy, gotta do it the pirate way



Pages 1186-1190

Author’s Notes: Hey! Pirates don’t go ‘splut’!

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give the cowwosus a big ow hug awww


Hahahaa Davy’s got a point: Stumpy just
Does. Not. Die


Pirate Brigade?

Pages 1191-1195

Author’s Notes: A giant marble statue covered in pirates walks into a bar…

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And the aspargus ?


I’ll have to do it next page, I had the first 4 done when I got your message and just lazed around until then. I promise.

I can see a new nickname for Davy Jones courtesy of Dreadstump.


Running out of cannonballs, we decided that the next best ammunition to blast at our enemy are our heads… and limbs… and bodies. I’m with Bilge on this one; what is he thinking?


@Craftable I’m a golem of anger, I want a special participation!


would the name you covered up perhaps be the guy in your lock list, and on the left?




the plot thickens


Thats the power of a trickster…




Buccaneer Bonk

Pages 1196-1200

Author’s Notes: This sounds would play when you bump their heads, I just don’t know how would be spelled out as a sound. Also cheers to you @Demonseye

Also 1.2k pages, will this shit ever end? Find out next week! Or not! Maybe I go off another year!
Who knows!

nah I love you all for hangin around though

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