[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


do I have to?


The Reunited Paladin

Pages 1216-1220

Author’s Notes: Was planning to design the Paladin off the Bashing Bride skin, but could not design something in a leotard that wasn’t too “leggy”, so no more legs.

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A little adjustment


Do not worry, I did not forget the infamous potato, but its description tells its tale


That’s neat, the OG soul! the sword looks so small in its hands ha! I guess that shows how big the bride is…

This paladin was about to be married when it was turned into MBC fodder. Ooof


Actually, the paladin oferred himself to be sacrified and have the soul transfered to the marble colossus, as he would still have human emotions, and since he was a pure paladin, it would be able to fullfil its purpose without any obstacles such as rage or stuff like that
me smart


I actually forgot there was official lore on the Paladin… and that would also technically make Spooky Boi, Spooki Gril


Please someone edit the image of a grill and add spooky’s scythe.
It is all about the balance of the world we live in.



Oh my god just peed my pants.


pally kinda cute not gonna lie


In Your Debt

Pages 1221-1225

Author’s Notes: Don’t get any smart ideas

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Rhea’s Reality Rift Part I is done scripting.




i still can’t tell is this pally a gril or a boy




Relived Tales

Pages 1226-1230

Author’s Notes: De ja vu. And pardon of the delay, got event fever.

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Ohhh snap, void marble colossus incoming!


The Reawakened Colossus

Pages 1231-1235

Author’s Notes: Goin hard on ingame farming before holiday rush, but I’ll try to squeeze in doing this while waiting for Keypers. And kinda shooting to end this before years end but I wouldn’t want a boring void fight.

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