[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


I was so excited that i had to stop my music to read it correctly


All panels are put on the weebly site before making it here. Unfortunately, the Weebly site is not divided into chapters, and would be a pain in the ass to do so currently, so maybe after I finish the comic entirely.

You can always click Full Comic Layout to go to the site.


A Faint of Hope

Pages 1281-1285

Author’s Notes: What a cop-out.

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Potato man is wearing gloves ?


Out of Minds and Mana

Pages 1286-1290

Author’s Notes: Might have to revise the MBD section of this comic now because of the changes but its too late for that now.

Full Comic Layout


I expect the paladin angel to die a horrible death trying to tank with mseal


She needs to read the patch notes.


Don’t we all?



Pages 1291-1295

Author’s Notes: Alternative [STAND] is the Davy Drill but this ain’t some anime.

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Fading Away

Pages 1296-1300

Author’s Notes: 1.3k fuuck

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Oh darn it’s literally slipping into the void!


Finally Free

Pages 1301-1305

Author’s Notes: Paladin has died at level 20, killed by Malus

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Finally Free?

Pages 1306-1310

Author’s Notes: Paladin has died at level 20, killed by Davy Jones

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Let’s drink what ?


Let us drink to it

don’t go down that line of thinking my good sir even if you may have misread it at first


Oh i realised it was pirate rum. Yum.

I thought they were just drinking the vial xd


We have intercepted an encrypted Oryx Militia transmission

Beginning decoding process, please stand by…

This is Knight of Oryx 8133 reporting. My Squadron and I…Something is wrong…strange portal out of nowhere…mysterio…gures…whe…we are…eed ba…up!..I repeat…We…Village of…Igchen…Who are…strangers?! Transmitting files bef…


We have identified the girl in the last image

Divine, the Exceptional Girl

Age: 17
Hometown: Astoria, the PPE District
Further details classified under Order 17-H

Something is coming…

Rhea’s Reality Rift Part I: Strange New World

Art credits: @YesButNo


can we get the end of the story before the end of the world at 20:20 20s on today (02/02/20)


no it has to be released on 4/20/2069 for climactic effect