[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


End of Chapter 9

Pages 1311-1322

Author’s Notes: hey wow 2 weeks without uploading, I’m almost as bad as [The Realm]. Anyway, end of chapter 9, which I guess I jumped the gun on being the final chapter. Maybe I’ll retcon the title.

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Rhea died at level 20, fell into the void


Rhea died at level 20, killed by fall damage.


Chapter 10 - Consumed by Shadow

Pages 1323-1330

Author’s Notes: The void has come far from his weird wooden platform.

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that void entity dialogue is badass


ive come to bargain


Ah, yes, the negotiator


Obi Wan Kenobi, the negotiator!


Davy’s Desires

Pages 1331-1335

Author’s Notes: Not exactly sure of the true lore of Davy Jones besides yet another “pirate who stole Oryx’s liquor”, so here you go.

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Huh, Davy’s surprisingly got a strict moral line of his own. Not just the plunder and binge as pirates do.


No kidding. I kind of feel bad killing him now.


Davy’s Demise

Pages 1336-1340

Author’s Notes: More akin to the DECA lore… but more or less being flesh and blood.

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Oh snap, void making sense in this tug of words. Will the other pirates butt in? Will they wait and see what their buddy will respond with? The drama is picking up!


To be continued on the next episode of THE PRISM PIRATE


Only one Jojo frame per comic, please


Bashful Bilgewater

Pages 1341-1345

Author’s Notes: Davy can steal liquor to make his Grum, but he just can’t get drunk off of it or taste it.

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Bilgewater’s Beseige

Pages 1346-1350

Author’s Notes: Not the uploads are ever more frequent but if the forums ever went down one day for good, always have the website for your vieweing pleasure.

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Hngggh thinking as a paper pushing office worker, that sounds ULTRA tempting. Imagine, swapping places with your boss

Spoilers for the battle to come:

This story is now officially canon, as decreed by KiddF cx