[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Thar be pirates


JFC what the heck were you doing with all those UT and ST in your bag? It’s a miracle your platform didn’t sink from all the weight your titanium balls give.


I actually regularly use all those swapouts for paladin (maybe except for oryx sword). You can also thank my lack of vault space for forcing this situation upon me T~T



Rhea’s Rethought

Pages 1351-1355

Author’s Notes: The best treasure for pirates is gold, but for heroes, is friendship. No ponies.

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Rhea got a case of Oops-I-Opened-My-Mouth-Too-Much-itis. Time to find the 3rd way! I wonder how powerful are heroes in void’s hands


Foggy Ideas

Pages 1356-1360

Author’s Notes: What dark secret would the Void know from you if he took your soul?

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Yay fight starting everyone rotate with the big blue bean or suspend


not exactly fight start but

press 1 for dex effusion, 2 for attack effusion


3 jaja


The Future of Rhea

Pages 1361-1370

Author’s Notes: Get the whole scene wrapped up to keep the feel consistent. Big props to @Wilhuff for ideas/suggestions to make the scene more epic.

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Waiting for Rhea to love Quiznos subs

Also for anyone wondering, the inspiration for the scene was based on this scene from Star wars the Clone Wars

Alongside a shot from Jedi Fallen Order:


Sometimes I wish there was a little more detail so we could see the expression on Void!Rhea’s face. Sadness? Regret? Pity? Exasperation?


Supposed to be Rhea as a Champion of Oryx, aka her future, rather than Rhea possessed by the Void Entity.

Personally, I interpret the expression as being ‘soulless’, almost a contrast to Regular!Rhea’s cheery and expressiveness. On the other hand, Evil!Rhea is emotionless and apathetic, her colors washed away by the ‘standardization’ of the Oryx Militia, losing everything that made her unique. She’s nothing more than a face within the crowd, so to speak.

Also if you pay attention to the text details, you can see that it isn’t the Void Entity that speaks, “Whatever happens next, happens to both of us.” (Void Entity has red text, while its black here).


Dreadstump’s Due

Pages 1371-1375

Author’s Notes: Ofcourse I do this only AFTER I see the drop nerfs from Lost Halls. Imagine getting pbag from Void.

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okay here’s where the story is going:

  • VE offers Dreadstump a great big pile of gold
  • Dreadstump refuses because it’s too small
  • VE adds more gold
  • Dreadstump is still unimpressed
  • VE adds even more gold
  • Dreadstump want more
  • VE summons so much gold that it buries the entire platform and accidentally suffocates itself
  • Dreadstump, having slain the VE by power of his own unlimited greed alone, takes the gold for himself and everyone else is either dead along with the VE or stunned silent by the shenanigan that just took place


I legitimately believe that his old stash is way bigger. Back in his heyday at least. It could’ve been called One Piece and could’ve ushered a new Pirate era.



Pages 1376-1380

Author’s Notes: Alas more foreshadowing to completely nonsense details.

Full Comic Layout


He is straight up flexing right now


oh god oh fuck dreadstump went from having 800 HP to 910 HP we’re all fucked